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Our Brewhouse Arrives!

At long last, our 10 barrel (310 gallon) brewhouse from SS Brewtech arrived on the back of a flatbed truck. While a 10 BBL brewhouse is a much smaller system than what you'd find at a brewery like St. Arnolds, or Budweiser, it is still a large piece of equipment. SS Brewtech delivered the brewhouse pre-plumbed on a single skid that needed to be unloaded by a heavy duty forklift.

In addition to the brewhouse (featured in the second picture), SS Brewtech sent us 4 10 BBL conical fermentors, a grist case to hold milled grain (laying on its side in the first picture), and a brite tank (out of frame).

I got my feet wet unloading the fermentors. With the assistance of the truck driver, I was able to properly lift the conical off the flat bed. The conical fermentors are relatively light, but top heavy, so I had to be careful to drive slowly. Any little pot hole I drove over would cause the fermentor to jiggle slightly. Jose steadied the fermentors as I moved them into the warehouse, ensuring they didn't tip over.

Finally I unloaded the large, heavy brewhouse itself. After briefly admiring SS Brewtech's craftsmanship, I veeery slowly lifted the brewhouse off of the flatbed, and navigated towards the warehouse. I had given SS Brewtech the dimensions of our warehouse door prior to ordering the system, and they said it should fit "no problem". There was probably less than a foot of clearance on either side of the brewhouse going through the grade door. It was a bit nerve racking, but ultimately not a problem. We will be moving equipment and barrels around in tighter spaces on a regular basis once the brewery is up and running, so it was good to get some forklift practice in.

We're glad to have our system off the truck and in our warehouse without a hitch! The next step will be getting the plumbing finished so we can move the system into its final location and hook it up.

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